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The resources on this page fall into several categories as below.

Dark Tower Archives
Original Logon Screen c. 8/97
Original Area List c. 8/97
Sample 'Who' List c. 8/97
First Website Graphic
Second Website Graphic
Third Website Graphic
Original Website Sidebar

Mud Clients
A MUD client is specially made for playing MUDs. A MUD client is better than plain telnet, because they incorporate many more options. Here are links to some popular MUD clients. Note: Not all of these are free, some are just freeware. The programs are copyright by their respective owners.

GMud by Daniel Lee Kelly II
Genewic Mud Client for Winsock is designed to facilitate interaction with a MUD server, and can be used in place of the standard telnet command. Separate input and output windows, avoiding the most annoying aspect of using telnet, in which the incoming text is interspersed with what you type. 

zMUD by Zugg Software
Not a free MUD client, but many think it is the best. The downloadable trial offers 30 uses. 

KevTerm is an awesome program. It is freeware, and only 65k. It supports color. Try it!

Builder Resources
On-Line Creation (OLC) Guide
ROM Builders Guide

Mobprog Coding Guide
Mish's Mobprog and Mud Guide
Rindar's Guide For Beginning MUD Coders
Grehyton's Area Files and Mud Resources
Dark Tower Clan Item Generator (Microsoft Excel format)
Dark Tower Weapons Damage
Dark Tower Vnums

Other MUD Resources Mud and Online Text Game Community
Top MUD Sites lists and reviews
The MudConnector

Blessing Point Redemption
Blessing Points are a god's way of rewarding a mortal for doing something
right or civil. They appear as hovering gold rings in a character's description. These blessing points can be redeemed for different things
by gods as follows:
1 per negative 25 mana/hp removed from item
1 per anti-alignment affect removed on item (side effect: takes off all other extras like hum etc.)
1 per pound of weight modified on item (not to go below 5 tenths)
1 per transfer to or from area
1 per 25 quest points
5 per level gained (non-heroes - type 'beseech')

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Last modified: July 8, 2002