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Outland Hunters
Alignment: Good
Leader: DukesEdge

The wind blows fiercely through the woods. The moving air, whipping through the trees creates a serene, whispering sound. Whispers thought to be in the imaginations of the travelers. Whispers that are not in the adventure's mind. Whispers that decide whether or not that particular vagabond will even leave the forest and still be regarded as among the living...

These are the keepers of the forest, those who live beneath the leaves. Those who believe in the ways of nature and not in that of industrialization. The ones looked upon as the secretive and the shrewd. The Outland Hunters.  Though not all violent beings, each of the Outland Hunters have become familiarized with "steal else be stolen from" and "kill lest ye be killed" and thus act accordingly. In a day and age where city officials look upon those living off the land as heathens and criminals, the Outland Hunters have become adapt at using this for profit stealing and killing so that they and their cause may prosper.

Due to the Outland Hunters close ties to nature, it is easiest for elves to join into the clan, and may do so at level 10. Giants, dwarves and byrdians may join at level 15 and all other races at level 20. This is a roleplay clan-and thus all applicants must be prepared to demonstrate their role-playing ability in both a Ritual of Representation as well as completing a quest to prove themselves (the quest can sometimes be waved, depending on if that character has proven themselves before or they give a preformance that is above and beyond the

The Ritual of Representation consists of an applicant to present an item to the guild that the character earned himself that in some way reflects who that character is. One of the clan leaders then sacrifices that item, symbolic of that character being absorbed into the clan. Promotions are made through a decision by the

Since this clan believes that all materials are valuable, extra equipment can either be given to other clan members or broken down in sacrifices to generate more income for the clan-thus enabling more rooms to be built.

Here is a list of ranks for each class:

Fighter classes: General, Ace, Hardcore, Champion, Captain, Brickhouse, Brawler, Fisticuff, Breaker, Boxer, Underofficer, Cadet1stClass, Cadet, Trainee, Recruit

Magic classes: Master, Overlord, Ancient, Mystic, Priest, Transcriber, Monk, Acolyte, Disciple, Follower, Underlord, Assistant, GraduateStudent, Student, Apprentice

Thief classes: Teamster, Ringleader, OwnerOfTheCodes, Taker, Gatherer, KeeperOfTheCodes, Shadow, ConArtist, Robber, Pickpocket, Trickster, StudentOfTheCodes, Pilpherer, Hooligan, StickyFingers

Specialized classes: Teamleader - organizes adventuring groups, Recruiter - find new prospects for the clan, Treasurer - Finds ways to get money and diamonds for the clan, Buffer - must know mud well, helps for finding areas and equipment, Diplomat - deals with matters of clan relations, Vice - takes over in absence of leaders, Quester - gives missions to new prospects and new recruits, Enforcer - makes sure everyone of specialized classes within the clan does their job, Builder - creates new rooms and equipment for the clan, Leader - runs the clan.

Protectors of Thera (branch of Outland Hunters)
Chief: Reubens
The Protectors of Thera have a long and venerable history. Their members are hand picked from the most noble knights and lords from all over Thera. Each member comes to the Protectors only after a test of their knowledge of the land and all its creatures. Rank is strictly enforced, and every member must walk in the light. The proverbial "do-gooder" will find himself at home among the ranks of the Protectors, but being a member is no easy task. Most of a member's time is spent helping people however they can. From equipment to directions to corpse retrievals, the Protectors of Thera will help anyone who asks, assuming that the person in need is not a friend of the shadow.

Defenders of Freedom (branch of Outland Hunters)
Chief: Mulambo
The defenders of freedom came about to do just that... defend freedom.  Freedom from anything that would be attempting to destroy the happiness and well being of the innocent.  A good point would be the oni.  Now the oni are the main focus for us and we know that the DragonArmy are allied with them but we are not just your average point-the-finger-at-the-bad- guy-and-kill-them-cuz-we're-good-and-they're-evil kinda clan.  We understand that there are reasons for people and beings to act the way they do.  Maybe not everyone who is evil knows they're doing wrong, or maybe they just cant help it and would like to discuss things with somebody.  That' where we come in to the picture.  Based on the quote "violence doesn't solve anything" we would try a more diplomatic, even psychological approach.  As to just going out and slaughtering them.  Has that worked with the oni?  Has that really worked with anything?  It's an idea not really seen that much, and that's what we know can be done.  The defenders of freedom are here to stand up in the face of evil and say "you don't want to hurt these people, really. and if you do, you *will* be stopped. you know it, we know it, so just quit."

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