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History and Geography of the Realm

Midgaard was the central capital of Mannheim, or the realm of men. At one time, Mannheim was a great kingdom covering Midgaard, Thalos, Ofcol and surrounding areas. It collapsed after a great cataclysm destroyed Thalos. No one knows the precise reason for the destruction but there are rumors that the drow (dark elves) sacked and looted Thalos from their underground city (Svartalfheim). Even deadlier creatures such as the beholders of the Underdark may have played a role. The survivors of Thalos fled into the eastern deserts, where they established the sultanate of New Thalos. The last heir to the throne of Mannheim vanished soon after the sack of Thalos, and Midgaard has been governed by an elected mayor ever since. Rumors of a dragon sighting persisted in Ofcol, but the village escaped any destruction. Indeed, it experienced a great expansion after the sighting, and a prosperous district sprung up nearly overnight, known simply as New Ofcol. The Dragonlords of the Golden Citadel are a fierce yet noble order of knights.

Around Midgaard are the strongholds of various nonhuman races. Elves (in Alfheim) and titans can be found to the north; halflings and trolls to the west; goblins to the south; and dwarves, gnomes and minotaurs to the east. Giants and their larger cousins the ryaltans are said to inhabit mountain ranges ringing the continent (Jotunheim). Above Midgaard lies the rainbow bridge (Bifrost) to Asgard itself - home to the gods. These realms are located on a large continent known as Thera. As the only known continent on the planet, it usually gives its name to the world as well. Around Thera revolves a single moon, said to be home to the byrdian race. Throughout the realms are portals to other worlds and dimensions, such as Gish - home to the savage oni demons and the aurains. The Terrans are said to have arrived from a portal to their home world. Other races have a more supernatural origin - for example, the spectres are said to be able to cross into the mortal world from beyond Hell itself. Upon being reborn (remorting), mortal races are said to be able to achieve a more powerful incarnation.

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