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Alignment: Evil
The DragonArmy is an army, formed by the Dark Queen, Takhisis. It was formed as a Knighthood; Duty and Honor above all, Others before self, and Follow the Dark Queen's Guidance to the depths of hell and beyond. Kalor was the first General in the Army, but he quickly was disillusioned by other generals, and resigned his post. He disappeared shortly thereafter. A few others have disappeared, after losing faith in the Dark Queen when she fled the battlefield near the Shadow Grove, when the war against light should have been won. Others remain faithful to her vision: Be all that thy soul and heart allows thee to be, and there will be no stopping the Army of Darkness, and the Dark Queen, Takhisis, will rule the world.

Matrix (branch of DragonArmy)
Chief: Jazz
Before the Great Apocalypse, mankind celebrated the creation of artificial intelligence, but this was not as they expected. The machines became stronger by the day and tried to annihilate humans off the surface of the Earth. Humans fought back vigilantly, but flesh were no match for metal. Humans decided that if they are going to perish, they might bring the machines with them. It was believed that machines cant survive without solar power, thus humans decided to cloud out the sun. But the machines have already found all the fuel they need in the bio-electricity produced by the human body. Human beings were no longer being born, they were now being grown. The Matrix is a dreamworld, built to keep humans under control so that the machines could change a human being into a battery. The Matrix Order exists to help mankind free itself from the Matrix. All mortal battles and fight are just mere dreams in our eyes.

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