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Alignment: Neutral
The battle between good and evil has gone on for centuries. Untold millions of people sacrificing themselves for a holy or unholy cause. Millions of lives sacrificed to the great conflict.

There are those who have seen the folly of constantly fighting those who simply act in opposition to one's own ethos. These people have seen the folly of the eternal battle between good and evil, and have removed themselves from the conflict. These people will not sacrifice themselves for an ideal. Brought together by the strongest bonds of self-preservation and loyalty, they formed the clan of Coldfire, named such to represent their union of the rigid and frozen dictates of the good with the hellish flame of the evil.

When those of Coldfire fight, they do so not to advance a cause, but to protect their own. The people of Coldfire devote themselves to their own advancement, endeavouring to become more than they would have been if they had chosen to remain in the conflict between good and evil.

In the far, far future, the elders of Coldfire see a day when the great conflict will eventually end, when the opposing sides have destroyed themselves. When this occurs, they know that those of Coldfire will be the ones who remain to inherit the world.

Knights of Torm (branch of Coldfire)
Chief: Gwydeon
The Church of Torm, also known as the Knights of Torm, is a small church devoted to Torm the True, God of Honor and Duty. Long ago, Torm, the God of Duty and Honor, decreed that a group of people, his
Knights, would spread forth across the land, brining his word to all. His word was simple: I am watching, and those that obey me, and that are faithful, honorable, and dutiful shall have a place in my paradise after death. They shall not inhabit the planes of the dead, and shall not be placed into the wall of the faithless. The First Knight of Torm, Lord Gwydeon K'tras, formed the Knights of Torm, to uphold the Code. Now, he walks the land, helping those who are honorable, faithful, and dutiful. The Knights will arise, and live in honor. Honor the brave who fought, honor the brave that died, honor the land they saved.

The following positions are available within the Order.
A) Second Knight (Leader)
B) Head Council Member (Leader)
C) Recruiter
D) Head Negotiator (Leader)

Description of Duties:
A) Second Knight (Leader): This Knight will assist myself in building the hall, and assisting the Council and myself in important issues facing the Order.
B) Head Council Member (Leader): This Knight will keep the meetings of the Council of Knights in order, convening and dismissing meetings, and enlisting worthy Knights into the Council of Knights.
C) Recruiter: Recruiting and sponsoring new Knights into the Order.
D) Head Negotiator (Leader): This Knight shall be responsible for managing the alliances and treaties and truces between the Order and other clans, and for negotiating differences between other clans.

The requirements for enlisting into the Knights of Torm are as follows:
A) You must be at least level 20, first tier, or level 10, second tier
B) You must have an RP description (no equipment or clothing in the description)
C) You must write a roleplay note to Gwydeon describing a bit of your past, why you would like to serve the land and its people, and what you can offer the order.

The Knights of Torm look forward to hearing from all of you who are interested in serving the land and its people.

Grasping Darkness (branch of Coldfire)
Chief: Celepathy
You are not from around here are you?  Ah... I see that glint in your eyes. You have much radiance in you. Little by little, we reclaim our tattered lands that we once possessed many decades ago.  Venturers such as yourself appear through our gates.  You seem wary of your travels. Come, sit by the fire and share a cup of happiness with me...

Long ago, before memory and lore, before the chaotic lands that we know this day, lived the great Darkness. He was of neutral morality and cared not for pure or tainted breeds that he later created. Wanting change that surpassed the void surrounding him, he meditated for many centuries. Then, awakening from his deep transfixture, he summoned all his great strength and created vast lands of
inexplicable wealth and property.

Within these lands a small warrior emerged. Celepathy was his name and balance was his order. To all things great he pleged his soul to Chaos and Light then drew his sword. Reclaiming Darktowers, that is the will of Grasping Darkness.

Rashana, the Soothsayer

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