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A clan is a collection of players, united to follow and further a common cause. Each clan has rules, regulations and alignment. Only clan members can kill or steal from other players. Speak to the clan leader about joining. You can also tell who is a leader of the clan on a 'who' list with a [Ldr] by their name or 'whois' for certain heroes (level 191).

Joining a clan is a dangerous step. Many adventurers live to kill and torture others and chances are that your paths will cross. Remember, attacking or killing fellow clan members *is* illegal except to 
mutiny your Clan leader.

Existing clans may buy special rooms and mobiles by acquiring diamonds as payment. The pricing system is described below. New clans may be formed by petitioning the immortals. Please remember that their word is final on all matters not covered here.

Click on the links below for more information on specific clans.

Outland Hunters

Clan Price List
D = Diamonds

Clan Spellup Bot = 200 D
Mobprogs = 10 D per line of code
Clan Level Bot = 200 D
Item of Clan Equipment = 75 D each
Clan Room = 20 D
Clan Pill or Potion = 35 D each
Clan Shop Mob = 50 D
Clan Healer Mob = 100 D
Clan Guild Master = 100 D
Clan Healer = 100 D
Clan Restring Item = 50 D
Clan Portal = 200 D
Clan Bank = 175 D
Clan Furniture = 100 D

Clan Pricing Rules
Each clan (including suborders) may have at maximum the following items:
12 pieces of armor (no more than 4 pieces at given level or within 30 levels range)
8 weapons (no more than 3 within 20 levels range)
6 portals
4 pills or potions
1 bag

All clan hall portals will only lead you to the entrance of an area. No more vast numbers of portals taking you to the exact location you choose in an area. You will have the fun task of traveling through the area like it was meant to be.

Every clan heal pill/potion will cost 150 gold. Every spell-up pill/potion 250. Pills/potions that do something other than this will cost an appropriate price decided by the immortal who makes it. Also, only 3 spells per pill, and the level of the spells will only be 10 levels higher than the level of the pill.

The following is the system by which all clans will make their equipment. It may seem confusing at first so just note or ask an imm if you have any questions. Once you ask an imm to make you an item, this is how to determine how many equipment points you have to spend:

Clan Item Formula:
(Level / 5) * 2 = Total EP (Equipment Points).
Level 25 = 10 EP
Level 50 = 20 EP
Level 100 = 40 EP
Level 191 = 76 EP
Levels in between will always be rounded down.

Clan leaders will be able to modify the following stats for each specific point value. Each stat has a cap at certain levels.
+1 Hitroll or Damroll = 1 EP - MAX L1-100(+5) L101-191(+8)
+1 Str, Con, Dex, Int or Wis = 2 EP - MAX L1-100(+3) L101-191(+5)
+5 HP, Mana or Moves = 2 EP - MAX L1-100(+50) L101-191(+100)
+1 AC = 1 EP - MAX L1-100(20) L101-191(40)

AC for all clan equipment is as follows: L1-50(AC=20), L51-100(AC=40), L101-150(AC=60), L151-191(AC=80)

Weapon damage will be equal to the level of the weapon, but will be capped at level 160, making no weapon stronger than 160 damage.

Weapon affects: L1-100 = 2 affects, L101-191 = 3 affects. Sharp DOES count as an affect. Other weapon affects are as follows: flaming, frost, shocking, poison, twohands (negative), vampiric, vorpal.

You may add negative affects to your clan eq if you wish to gain EP. Example: -5 str = +10EP. Maximum EP from this will be: L1-100(10EP), L101-191(20EP).

Spell affects on equipment: 1 Spell = 20EP, Max 1.  Sanctuary and blackfire can not be used on equipment.

The following positive spell affects may be used:
invisible, detect_evil, detect_invis, detect_magic, detect_hidden, detect_good, infrared, protect_evil, protect_good, sneak, hide, flying, pass_door, haste, dark_vision, berserk, swim, regeneration

These negative spell affects may be used to counter a positive at -20 EP:
blind, faerie_fire, curse, poison, sleep, charm, calm, plague, weaken, slow

This is the system to make your new equipment. We would prefer if every clan just used the same names for their new equipment, as it would make it relatively easier. Double check your Equipment Points. If we find that you have used too many points there may be dire consequences. This system is fair, giving you a variety of choices while making it equitable for everyone.

Also try the Dark Tower Clan Item Generator (Microsoft Excel format).

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Last modified: July 8, 2002