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After a long absence, Dark Tower has returned! The new address for DTMud's website is The mud can be reached by telnetting to, port 4550. Hope to see you there!

Out of the swirling mists rises a Dark Tower.  Its vastness overwhelms you.  According to rumor, the Tower was stormed long ago by the minions of chaos and evil; yet the Ancients interfered and flooded the Tower with the Light of the Creator.  From that light came the shadowy realm of the Dark Tower, and the Twisting of Time surrounded it.  This distortion caused gateways to appear within the Tower, leading unto other realms you can only imagine...

A man in black appears and whispers, "Fear not traveler, for you have the means to conquer it within your possession..."

The Dark Tower is a modified ROM 2.4 mud featuring:

Guild system including clan halls, commands, and equipment
New, original and theme areas
Expanded race and class selection
Friendly immortals (mostly J)
Automatic and immortal-assisted quests
An odd-looking healer... with a most ridiculous haircut

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Last modified: October 17, 2003 (Previous update July 8, 2002)